Christmas Sisters ~ 5⭐

Genre: Domestic Fiction ~ Release date starting September 1, 2020 through October

The FREE prequel to the SOUL SISTERS AT CEDAR MOUNTAIN LODGE, a connected series from five bestselling authors

REVIEW: LOVE! Love, love. I loved this book, I loved the characters and I loved the individual stories of each of the girls including Maddie. I love the covers and I love that I will get to read some new authors to me! What’s more to love?

Maddie Kirby is a woman with the biggest heart I’ve ever experienced. She has been through her own heartbreak but, rises above the heartbreak to take in 4 abandoned girls from separate circumstances. What better time than at Christmas!

I can’t wait for the series! It is going to be so good. The prequel is available on Amazon for free. So, why are you still reading this review? Head on over to Amazon and get your free copy. 

SYNOPSIS: Random circumstances brought them together. Love made them family.

When a terrible accident takes Madeline Kirby’s husband and only child, the school guidance counselor is sure she can’t go on. Left behind with nothing but her work and an empty heart, she vows to survive Christmas by reaching out to comfort someone else who knows similar pain.

Fostering four motherless children for the holidays is supposed to be temporary, but as Maddie tends to defensive Stevie, distrustful Jo, delicate Alissa, and frightened little Hailey, the ache in her own heart slowly becomes bearable. And before the season of giving comes to an end, it becomes clear that life intended for them to find each other.

Enjoy these soul sisters’ first Christmas together in Christmas Sisters, a free prologue novella – then catch up with each of them individually, fifteen years later.
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Book 2: Christmas Kisses by Judith Keim
Book 3: Christmas Wishes by Tammy L. Grace
Book 4: Christmas Hope by Violet Howe
Book 5: Christmas Dreams by Ev Bishop
Book 6: Christmas Rings by Tess Thompson

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