Dead Wrong by Tammy L Grace ~ 4⭐

Genre: Mystery ~ Released December 26, 2017

REVIEW: Crazy Fun! Dead Wrong by Tammy L Grace was a crazy fun read. Coop and AB are private investigators. Coop has a Golden Retriever he takes almost everywhere and his name is Gus. I loved Gus! Well…I love dogs so, if you know me, that is a given!

This book is number three in the Cooper Harrington Detective Series. It did fine as a stand alone but, Tammy says they are more enjoyable read in order. You get more of the characters background stories that way. Each book is a new case for Harrington and Associates. I will be going back to read Book one and two. The fourth book won’t be out for a while so, I’ll be ready for it. 

If you’ve read any of Tammy’s books, you know her writing style. Her books go down like honey. She always leaves you satisfied. 

I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review. Thank you, Tammy! 

SYNOPSIS: A murdered business partner. A hundred million dollars. A client who claims his innocence.

Coop’s client is a renowned scientist in the pharmaceutical industry. The pending charge is the murder of his business partner, and a hundred million dollars provides the motive. As an arrest looms, the desperate client seeks Coop’s help to uncover the real murderer.

All evidence points to the mild-mannered scientist. He asserts his innocence and begs Coop to uncover the clues the police overlooked. Coop and Annabelle, his faithful sidekick, work around the clock to sift through the evidence in search of anything to clear their client. As always, Coop’s loyal golden retriever, Gus, along with the sometimes meddling, but well-meaning Aunt Camille, support the investigative efforts.

Connections are exposed, and suspects interrogated, but all the promising leads evaporate. Their determination wanes when they discover additional persuasive evidence against their client, causing Coop to doubt his instincts. With increased persistence, they unearth a damaging secret. A vital piece of evidence provides the thread that unravels the case, leading Coop to uncover the killer and the motive for murder.

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  • Killer Music (2016 Gold Medal Mystery Winner in the Global eBook Awards)
  • Deadly Connection (2017 Gold Medal Mystery Winner in the Global eBook Awards)
  • Dead Wrong

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