Mom Boss by Hilary Grossman ~ 4⭐

Genre: Humorous Fiction ~ Release date: October 12, 2020

REVIEW: FUN! FUN! FUN! Mom Boss by Hilary Grossman was just that. I was totally entertained. This book is the third in the series. The first was Go On, Girl followed by Mom Genes and now Mom Boss. Mom Rules is slated to be released August 13, 2020. If your looking for something to take you out of your world, pick up these books and pre- order Mom Rules. You won’t be disappointed. 

I learned what can possibly happen at the PTA. Since I didn’t have children, I was never a member. I already know some women can be hard to work with and just plain disagreeable. These women are over the top. Maybe not!! This book explores women’s relationships in an enjoyable way. The good, the bad and the ugly. 

I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review. Thank you!

SYNOPSIS: Welcome to Forest River, New York, where perfection is a requirement. The Lululemon-clad moms are perfectly toned, expertly highlighted, and magnificently manicured. The women spend their days practicing Pilates, shopping for shoes, and doing everything in their power to ensure their children never experience a difficult day.

PTA president, Jackie Martin, is the envy off the mothers. She has a loyal and handsome husband, she hosts elaborate parties, and her eldest daughter, Hayley, is the most popular child in the fifth grade. Her life appears flawless, but is life ever what it seems to be?

After receiving a painful blow when Hayley was in kindergarten, Jackie clawed her way into PTA power. She lived her life by the adage, “Proper planning prevents poor performance.” Her attention to detail (okay fine – her control freak nature) served her well until she experiences the ultimate betrayal.

Angry and hurt, old emotional wounds are ripped open as Jackie realizes she doesn’t know who she can trust. Jackie must reevaluate her life, her friendships, and the choices she has made. Will she finally let her guard down and show the world the real Jackie Martin?

A hilarious and heartwarming novel that’s perfect for fans of Class Mom! Mom Boss is the standalone prequel to Go On, Girl and Mom Genes.

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