Christmas Dreams by Ev Bishop ~ 5⭐

Genre: Romance ~ Release date: October 22, 2020

REVIEW: I’m in Tears and Love!  Christmas Dreams by Ev Bishop is number five in the Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge series. I’m still loving this series and I’m in tears because I’m dreading the end of the series. Just one more to go! 

Again, I’m amazed at how seamless these women are that have written all of these books. I can’t tell one from another except for their name on the front of the book. That is such a good thing because you don’t have to keep switching gears between books. They write as one! 

This book is about Stevie. She is the second oldest and the chef that lives in an RV. I didn’t think I would enjoy this one as well as the others but I did. It was every bit as good. I never re-read books but, I might be tempted to read this series again next year! The whole series is just wonderful. 

I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review. Thank you! I feel very blessed.

SYNOPSIS: Random circumstances brought them together. Love made them family.

Chef Stevie Fox isn’t just looking forward to a luxurious holiday celebrating her sister’s Christmas wedding, she needs it. The difficult year has her brain bursting and her heart starving. A menu of late-night chats, lots of laughter, and tons of pampering with her beloved foster sisters and Maddie, the woman who made them a family fifteen years ago, promises the nourishment she craves.

But then her sister’s fiancé calls off the wedding, and Stevie’s dreams of a restorative vacation and a love story that actually works out go up in smoke. Heartbroken and simmering with anger on her sister’s behalf, Stevie agrees with her family to stick to their holiday plans to show support.

Throwing oil on her fiery emotions, Stevie runs into her old high school flame and long-cooled feelings boil over. She’s determined to put a lid on them, however. Jackson Bassett may be full of zest and passion, but she’s been scalded too many times.

If you’re a fan of small towns, heartwarming holiday romance stories, second chances, and furry dog friends, you’ll fall in love with Stevie and her soul sisters in CHRISTMAS DREAMS, Book 5 of Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge, from USA Today bestselling author Ev Bishop.

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