Moonlight Beach by Tammy L Grace ~ 5⭐

Genre: Family Life Fiction ~ Releases: February 4, 2021

REVIEW: FABULOUS! I’m totally and completely in LOVE! Moonlight Beach by Tammy L Grace is a book of many facets. I loved the characters including Fritz, Bodie and Sherlock the three Golden Retrievers. If you’ve read any of Tammy’s books, you know her characters are easy to fall in love with. Even the human ones like Lily, Mac and Mel.

This book is heavy on family relationships and all that they are. The ones you are born with and the ones that join you along life’s journey. Both are equally important and are needed in their own special way. I thank Tammy for reminding us of that.

Part of the book takes place at Christmas time although it is not specifically a Christmas story. I am blessed to have been able to read it at the holiday.

I was also reminded that a big part of life is to be of service to others. Giving of ourselves. Not money but, time, our hearts and caring for those that need our love and help. We can all find time in our lives to be an ear for someone, a shoulder to lean on or someone to pray for them. Sometimes, just knowing someone cares goes a long way. 

This is the second book in the Beach Glass Cottage Series. Beach Haven was book one and book three is coming in late 2021 or early 2022. Moonlight Beach read well as a stand alone but, I’m definitely picking up Beach Haven and look forward to book three. I’m so in love with the characters and I want more of them. My advice to you… get these books read before book three comes out. I know you will love them a much as I do! 

SYNOPSIS: Hope, healing, and happiness live here

A grieving widow tries to find a new path forward. A young woman goes missing and a surprise visitor has nowhere to turn. Is a walk along the moonlit beach offering happiness or more loss?

Lily is still making her way in her new career as an inn keeper in Driftwood Bay and training a hearing assistant dog. Along with those challenges, the young woman she agreed to take in is missing. Lily is positive she didn’t run away, and fears the worst.

As she struggles with the emotions stirred up by old losses, she and Mac, the veterinarian she’s been spending time with, decide to take a trip together to the San Juan Islands. She worries about the ramifications of her decision, but her final guests of the season, a group of five widows from Vermont, provide Lily some much needed motherly advice.

The holidays are especially hard, but her son will be coming to stay with her on his break from college and Lily is looking forward to a relaxing break with him, until unexpected family drama arrives at her doorstep.

Will Lily be able to put the broken pieces of her life back together and risk the future a walk along the moonlit beach might promise?

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