To Forgive, Divine by Melissa Leedom ~ 5⭐

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance ~ Released 2020

REVIEW: Heartwarming comes to mind when I think of the book written by Melissa Leedom named To Forgive, Divine. It is a story about Bonnie, a Christian woman who was widowed and left with two young boys. By the way, she has a good looking pastor who is also widowed. Can you guess where this is going?

I loved her characters! I think I’ve met every one of them at some time in my life. The most fun and aggravating is the nosey neighbor across the street from the pastor. Oh! Then there is the traveling salesman who happens to be married to the beautiful new woman in town. This story had me chuckling out loud at all the mishaps and missteps along the way.

There is a serious side to this novel. It is about learning to listen to God when he speaks to you and being his child and servant. I loved the witnessing and caring way of these characters. It made me remember that God put us here for each other. 

I really loved this book. It is a story of many different kinds of love. Valentines is just around the corner and this would be a great gift for your loved one or a treat for yourself. 

I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review. Thank you! 

SYNOPSIS: Bonnie Callaway: Since the accident that killed her husband two years ago, Bonnie’s had no room in her heart for new love. She certainly didn’t plan to fall for her also-widowed pastor!

Jeff Wells can’t wait to see Bonnie again. But nosy neighbor Clara Adkinson informs him that he isn’t the only man in Bonnie’s life! Who is this other guy?

As their story unfolds in To Forgive, Divine, close friends (and closer enemies!) realize that things aren’t always as they appear. Even when they discover the truth, feelings of betrayal and distrust seem to destroy any hope of rekindling the love Bonnie and Jeff had started to feel for each other.

Enter a young boy who desperately needs help that only Bonnie and Jeff can give him, an embittered young woman who learns about forgiveness from these two people who can’t seem to forgive each other, and an estranged couple who need just a little push from reluctant lovers Bonnie and Jeff to re-write their own ill-fated love story. Bonnie and Jeff can’t avoid seeing each other even when they try!

As Bonnie and Jeff watch lives transformed all around them by the love and forgiveness of Jesus, they must confront their own failure to forgive. How can they recommend Christian love to everyone else and deny it to each other?

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