Redemption by Wendy Million ~ 5⭐

Genre: Romantic Suspense ~ Released: February 1, 2021

REVIEW: Wendy Million has done it again! First came Retribution, then there was Resurrection and now comes Redemption. So far, there are three books in this series. I’m not sure if there are going to be more but, if there is, I’m in. These books are so good! 

When I first read Retribution, I wondered what I got myself into. Not my kind of book. I said I would review it so…I read it. I’m telling you, I wasn’t too far in and I was hooked. I gave it a 5 star rating. Then came Resurrection and I had to read it to see what was happening with the characters I was so drawn to. Another 5 star rating. I heard about Redemption and wrote to Wendy to make sure I was on her review team. I didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to review her new book in the series. 

Finn Donaghey is the main character and his lady is Carys Van de Berg. She is one lucky woman. Finn is a bad boy and a hunk to boot. It has to be a great series to rope me in as far as I am. I never thought I would like books with the FBI, CIA and the PLA but I do! Give this series a chance. You might like it as much as I do. 

I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review. Thank you Wendy Million! 

SYNOPSIS: Finn Donaghey turned himself into the FBI to protect Carys Van de Berg, the love of his life. Now serving multiple life sentences, he can’t save her from the dangers lurking outside.

Carys won’t accept a life without Finn in it. While she plots to break him out of jail, other shadowy figures seek ways to take them down.

After Carys is injured in an explosion, Finn teams up with unlikely allies to hunt down the perpetrators.

In pursuing retribution, can he finally find redemption?

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