The Grinding Wheel by Marc Rainer ~ 5⭐

Genre: Courts & Criminal Procedure ~ Released: June 8, 2021

REVIEW: The Grinding Wheel is book number seven in the Jeff Trask Crime Series by Marc Rainer. If you’ve read any of the previous six novels, you should definitely pick up this new addition to the series. You haven’t read any of them yet? Read this one anyway! It is so good! I laughed out loud and I even gasped out loud. Don’t worry about it being number seven because it does very well as a stand alone. Now, I will be on the lookout for the rest of the series. 

Marc Rainer has more than 30 years experience as a government attorney and his expertise shines through. He bases his stories on real-life crimes. The names have been changed (not to ptotect the guilty) and some of the circumstances. You would never know it. His book reads almost like a true crime novel. I don’t read true crime but this book kept me turning the pages until there wasn’t any more. I didn’t lose interest. I was involved with his characters at work and at home. They weren’t just cops and I hated to see the end! 

This book is for anyone who loves true crime, court room procedure or police procedure. Those are not always my favorite genres but, I have to tell you I was practically handcuffed to my tablet. I literally spent my Sunday reading this book. 

Are you still sitting in your chair? What are you waiting for? Go get your copy of this book. Wow, you’re gonna love it! 

SYNOPSIS: Federal prosecutor Jeff Trask is assigned to prosecute WaShaun “Gloomy” Stewart, a street gang leader who has killed five rival gang members by his eighteenth birthday. At the same time, another serial killer—known to the investigators as, “The Butcher”—has begun kidnapping local women, killing them, and leaving their body parts in and around Kansas City.

Working with the Kansas City Police Department’s Career Criminal Unit, a task force made up of both local police officers and federal agents, Trask is surprised as Stewart escapes from custody and the two investigations suddenly merge. When one of the task force’s female detectives is captured and taken by The Butcher, Trask and the CCU investigators must race against time to save her life and end The Butcher’s reign of terror.

Retired federal prosecutor Marc Rainer brings his thirty years of trial and investigative experience into another edition of the Jeff Trask Crime Drama Series, books hailed by attorneys and law enforcement personnel for their realism.

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