Wish Again by Tammy L Grace ~ 5⭐

Genre: Family Life Fiction ~ Release Date: March 16, 2022

REVIEW: Tammy L Grace brings us the fourth book in The Wishing Tree Series named Wish Again. If you have read anything in the past from Tammy Grace, you know she brings out all of the feels in her books. You know you are going to need a box of tissues, comfy clothes and a chair that hugs you while you read. I guarantee you will not put this book down once you start it.

By this time we have met several of the residents in Linden Falls. Each book brings us a new set of folks or we learn more of the circumstances of the ones we’ve met. Paige has come home to live with her mom and help her with the bookstore on the town square. I just love this town. The town square surrounds the huge Linden tree at the center. The tree is believed to grant wishes. 

Tammy always has a dog in her books and this one has a wonderful dog named Gladys. She is a trained therapy dog and also pretty much has the run of the town square. She is one of those dogs that knows and loves everyone. She is known to make her daily trip around the square visiting all of her friends. If you have ever had a Golden Retriever you know that they are such gentle souls and we see that in Gladys.

If you haven’t started this series yet, I really encourage you to pick up the first book The Wishing Tree. It is FREE! You will be able to read the first chapter of the first six books. By the time you are done you won’t be able to wait to read the full books. There are the original seven and they have added another six for a total of thirteen. Wow! I love a series I can bury myself in and get involved in all the wonderful residents of a small town. What could be better than that? I get all giddy when I pick up the next book in the series. I hope you do too! 

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SYNOPSIS: Wishes in branches tied with string. Someone’s hopes. Another’s dreams.

Paige Duncan returns to the small town of Linden Falls to seek the comfort of her hometown and her beloved mother. That contentment is short-lived when after only a few months, she’s faced with an unexpected and monumental loss.

In the midst of struggling to keep her mother’s beloved bookstore afloat in the wake of her sudden death, Paige has the chance to grant a wish from the iconic wishing tree in the town square. She lost her trust in the tree long ago, but her mother’s voice rings in her ears, reminding Paige that when feeling disappointed, simply wish again.

Paige reluctantly agrees to bring her mom’s therapy dog to visit the care center where her mom volunteered for years. As autumn creeps in, busloads of tourists and one special visitor arrive, and someone at the center reminds Paige that she is stronger than she realizes. Will her mother’s advice allow Paige to believe in the magic of the Wishing Tree and second chances one more time?

Join Tammy Grace, USA Today Bestselling author, as she brings the latest book in The Wishing Tree series alive, featuring a heart-warming story of love and loss, and the hope of turning lost dreams into second chances.


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