Careful What You Wish by Ashley Farley ~ 5⭐

Genre: Family Life Fiction ~ Release Date: April 6, 2022

REVIEW: Careful What You Wish by Ashley Farley was the first book I’ve read of hers that I had my doubts. BUT…she redeemed herself! This turned out to be such a good book. Some of the happenings in this novel are all things we have wished for in our lives. I can’t tell you all of them because I would give too much of the story away. 

Mary May is the main character in this book. I didn’t like her at first and there were a lot of other characters that I didn’t like as well. I think that is why I had my reservations at first because I have always liked the characters Ms. Farley develops. Maybe not every one of them but, certainly the main characters. As the story progressed, I found that I liked Mary May and many others. I think we just got off on the wrong foot. Have you ever had a friend like that? Your first impression was bad and then as you got to know them you learned to appreciate and like them.

Have you ever wished money grew on trees? Mary did and the Maple tree in her back yard started dropping money every night. You might guess that got her into more trouble than she was in to begin with. She made some wonderful friends along the way and she found out that not everyone is worth having as a friend. My Mom always told me money doesn’t grow on trees. I don’t think good friends do either. At least that is how it has been in my life. 

I am pretty sad right now. There are six more books in this series and I am anxious to read them. I was chosen as an early reader for the series when it only consisted of seven books. Now, there are a total of thirteen. I have to actually wait until book number eight is published to read it. That is going to be hard because I have virtually read these books back to back. I will be pre-ordering the rest of the books. Who is going to join me?

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SYNOPSIS: Wishes in branches tied with string. Someone’s hopes. Another’s dreams.

Mary May has lost her way. She’s husbandless, childless, and soon to be homeless. She’s lost her housekeeping job, and with no income, she can’t afford the repairs on her family’s dilapidated ancestral home. On a whim, she ties a wish to the town’s famous wishing tree. She doesn’t expect her wish to come true. None of her many others have. And she’s astounded when the maple tree in her backyard sprouts hundred-dollar bills.

After making the house repairs, Mary goes on a spending spree, purchasing a new wardrobe and fancy automobile. While the money buys the material goods she covets, it can’t buy her the one thing she wants most. Friendship.

Mary’s granted wish turns out to be both a blessing and a curse. Mary embarks on a journey to discover what message her Money Maple is sending her.

Join Ashley Farley, bestselling author of Palmetto Island Series, as she brings the latest book in The Wishing Tree series alive, featuring a heartwarming story of friendship and new beginnings.

Book 1: The Wishing Tree – perma-FREE prologue book
Book 2: I Wish… by Amanda Prowse
Book 3: Wish You Were Here by Kay Bratt
Book 4: Wish Again by Tammy L. Grace
Book 5: Workout Wishes & Valentine Kisses by Barbara Hinske
Book 6: A Parade of Wishes by Camille Di Maio
Book 7: Careful What You Wish by Ashley Farley

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