I Heard You Scream by Emerald O’Brien ~ 4⭐

Genre: Phycological Fiction ~ Release Date: April 21,2022

REVIEW: I had the pleasure of reading the newest book to be released by Emerald O’Brien called I Heard You Scream. What a book! If you have read any other books by her, you know she puts out a very good suspenseful novel. I have enjoyed the previous books that I have read by her so, I was really looking forward to I Heard You Scream!

I Heard You Scream was a bit different from what I have read by Emerald so far. This book is centered around a group of young adults. I thought they were a bit self centered and immature. I didn’t see them as mature, upstanding citizens although some of them were teachers and heads of schools. I understand that an author can create and develop any kind of situation and character she chooses and that usually makes for a most interesting book. I just didn’t like any of the characters in this book. They were all under my suspicion and I think they were all guilty of some crime or at least a crime against a friend if not a legal crime.

The story line took a while for me to be invested and the twists and turns in the last half of the book kept me intersted and turning the pages. I at some point had to know what exactly was going on and who was responsible. Overall, I enjoyed the book. Just not the characters. I guess they didn’t pretend to be my kind of people?

If you like Psychological Suspense, then this book will be right up your alley. If you like Kiersten Modglin, you know what you are in for. I highly recommend this book!

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SYNOPSIS: Five can keep a secret if four are dead.

On a cold fall night in a small Canadian town, four of Chelsea’s friends are found dead, victims of a brutal stabbing—a selfish act of revenge.

The only witness, Chelsea spends the next five years struggling to bury her trauma. The victims’ families call her a hero. Her fiancé calls her the love of his life. Her best friend tells her there’s nothing more she could have done for her friends. She’s almost convinced herself that it’s true when she attends an anniversary memorial held at the scene of the crime.

But Chelsea’s ability to ignore the past comes to an end that very night when she receives an intimidating message.

Tell the police the truth about what you all did that night or I will.
You have 48 hours to confess.

Is it an empty threat from someone digging for facts they don’t actually possess? Or does someone else know Chelsea shared a secret with her friends? Either way, Chelsea knows the stakes are too high to ignore when the blackmailer resorts to violence—those closest to her might be the next victims if she doesn’t do as they ask.

The truth can ruin her life. But the lies have her just as trapped, a pawn in a deadly game even she doesn’t fully understand. She has no choice but to confess.

But Chelsea’s about to discover that some things are best taken to the grave.

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