The Groom Went Missing by Jenifer Ruff ~ 5⭐

Genre: Suspense Thriller ~ Release Date: May 2, 2022

REVIEW: Jenifer Ruff hit it out of the ball park with a grand slam home run with The Groom Went Missing. This has to be the best book I’ve read by her yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love her books but, this one is the best one so far. 

I haven’t communicated with the author so, I am not sure what brought about this change in her work. This book is on a whole new level. I love how she tells different sides of the story in the different parts. There are three parts to this book. You have to shift gears a little bit when you leave each part. The change of gears is smooth and although I felt a little resistance on my part when we entered into the new parts, I soon was right back into the story. I was totally invested in this book. I couldn’t wait to find out what was happening next and what happened to the groom. Is he ok? Where is he? This book was unputdownable. I devoured it.

Some of the characters were the same. Victoria and Ned returned. I love how they have blended her love for rescuing animals and his veterinary skills to better the lives of homeless and injured animals. Their love for each other shines through. I liked some of the other characters in the book and like any good book there were a few I did not like. Her character development in this story is perfect. You feel like you’ve met these people somewhere berfore. They are not predictible but, they have a familiar feeling to them.

“The Groom Went Missing” An Agent Victoria Heslin Thriller Book Five is of course book five in the series and can be written as a stand alone. You don’t need to read them in order. I have read the last three out of the five. I do have the first two and have promised myself that I will go back and read book one and two. I want to assure you that you will not feel lost if you start with The Groom Went Missing. I know you will be jumping into the rabbit hole and will have to go back and read the first four. Number Six is Vanished on Vacation and is slated to be released in October. I can’t wait to see what Jenifer Ruff brings us next. The title sounds intriguing!

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SYNOPSIS: Second thoughts . . . or something more sinister?

Agent Victoria attends a lavish wedding as a guest of the best man. Everything is perfect and in place, except the groom.

Family and friends aren’t sure if they should be angry or deeply concerned, until mounting evidence suggests the groom panicked and fled. The bride and the best man don’t believe it. They convince Victoria to find the missing groom and uncover the truth.

Investigations reveal people’s dirty secrets, and the guests at this wedding have many. But even Victoria doesn’t anticipate the disturbing reality she unearths, and the life and death situations she’ll face because of it.

“Totally engrossing. The latest Victoria Heslin Thriller is a well-crafted blend of intrigue and suspense. A perfect read for fans of The Guest List by Lucy Foley.” – USA Today bestselling author, Audrey. J. Cole

The Groom Went Missing is book five in the award-winning Victoria Heslin Series and can also be read as a standalone novel with no confusion. Secrets, suspects, and subtle clues will pull you in and keep you guessing until the end.

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