Beach Dreams by Tammy L Grace ~ 5⭐

Genre: Family Life Fiction ~ Release Date: June 7, 2022

REVIEW: As usual, I flew through Beach Dreams by Tammy L. Grace. I love her books and can’t keep myself away from them once I get started. Beach Dreams was not any different and now I sit here wondering when she has another book coming out. 

Beach Dreams was the conclusion to a three part series called Glass Beach Cottage. I hated to see it end. It is a lovely series. There are a few authors that are among my favorites that have a knack of bringing out all the feels. Tammy is one of them. Do you ever read a book and feel like your soul is wallowing in the goodness of the book? That’s what I’m getting at. There are good characters, good plots, great settings, fun and clean romance and tribulations that have satisfying conclusions. They have it all and you can’t think of one thing that could make the book better.

I love that she brings characters from other books into her plots. They visit each other as old friends and it gives you a chance to catch up with old friends as well. While reading this book there were characters from the Hometown Harbor Series that Lily went to visit. The one that brought a big smile to my face was the mention of planning a visit to Linden Falls where The Wishing Tree Series takes place. I have read and reviewed the first seven books in this series and am looking forward to the next six this fall with a few new authors. If you haven’t started The Wishing Tree Series, I urge you to check it out and download book one The Wishing Tree. Best of all it is FREE!

If you are like me and enjoy several different genres of fiction but always rely on the sweet romance to mix things up a bit, Beach Dreams and Glass Beach Cottage Series will do the trick. They are a wonderful respite from the Psychological Thrillers, Mysteries and Historical Fiction that I read a lot of. These books soothe my soul and relax me. 

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SYNOPSIS: Surrendering to the tide of life might just make all their dreams come true. Lily is preparing for the high season at Glass Beach Cottage and looking forward to her son’s upcoming visit, when she’s hit with an unwelcome surprise—her estranged sister is back.

Wendy’s arrival, and plan to stay indefinitely, frustrates Lily beyond belief and adds to the chaos of her busiest time of year. While the two sisters navigate living under the same roof, Mac surprises Lily with a proposal that promises to make all their dreams come true.

Then, during the arrival of her first guests, an untimely event forces Lily to rely on Wendy for help—not something she’s happy about, not at all! To make matters worse, Mac’s daughter, Missy, threatens to dismantle their future.

After a particularly nasty encounter, Lily realizes she can’t move forward and make a life with Mac with his daughter making constant trouble. She’s looking for stability, not turmoil, but the thought of breaking the heart of the man she loves shatters her.

Lily and Mac have a vision for the future and a dream that grew from their first walk on the beach. Will the strength of their love and commitment be enough to withstand the forces that want to tear them apart?

Join USA Today bestselling author, Tammy L. Grace for the conclusion of the Glass Beach Cottage Series in this third installment of Lily’s story, and join her search for hope, healing, & happiness along the shores of the Pacific Northwest.

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