Crazy Little Town Called Love by Jill Hannah Anderson ~ 5⭐

Genre: Women’s Friendship Fiction ~ Released: July 19, 2022

REVIEW: Crazy Little Town Called Love by Jill Hannah Anderson sealed the deal! What a great book. I have now read all three of her books and honestly don’t know when the next one will be out. I’m sad because I don’t know how long I have to wait for another JHA book. There are several things I like about her books. Let me tell you…

Her books all have strong women. They have all either made bad decisions or had something bad happen to them. They get to a point where they pull their big girl panties up, face what life has thrown them and fix what’s wrong so they can move on with a happy life.

The men in the books have taken these women for granted and felt either they were crazy and didn’t know how to handle things, or they could take financial advantage of them. You know, just like real life. Someone is always looking out for themselves and doesn’t worry about their spouse or partner. Only what they can get out of them.

Crazy Little Town Called Love is supposed to be a bit of a sequel to The To Hell and Back Club. It is in a way. The two things I mentioned above play into this story too. There are a couple of characters that are the same. The Hell Club is a smaller part of this book. It is not as prominent. What we do have in this book is a wonderful little town called Love and the quirky people that inhabit this town. You know me and my love for small towns. I was in hog heaven. Ernie has to be my favorite character. You’ll have to read the book to find out why!

If you love small towns, quirky characters, and a story of a strong, can’t keep her down woman, then this book is going to be right up your alley. A Little Town Called Love is a re-release by a new publisher. It has a new cover and a few tweaks. 

Happy Reading and until next time… don’t forget to support the authors you read by leaving a review!

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SYNOPSIS: Molly O’Brien is living the dream of a cushy city life. But when her boyfriend bails on her and their inflated mortgage, she needs a new place to live.

Molly finds the answer in the quaint town of Love, where a run-down general store with an attached home were willed to her deceased mother. Trading her acrylic nails for pounding nails, Molly gives the old place a facelift. As the business grows, so does her affection for the townspeople—including Jackson, the local hardware store owner. But her new home holds secrets, and some people have long memories.

At one of the town’s events, Molly is threatened. As the danger escalates, Molly must decide whether to leave Love or stay and fight for the life she’s created in the town that has stolen her heart.

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