Overdue Wishes by Tammy L Grace ~ 5⭐

Genre: Women’s Romance Fiction ~ Release Date: September 15, 2022

REVIEW: Overdue Wishes by Tammy L. Grace was simply amazing. I can’t tell you how much I love The Wishing Tree Series and this is book number ten. I am hoping with all of the authors involved it goes on for quite a while. I am going to cry when the end of this series comes along.

Speaking of crying, I cried off and on the last fifteen percent or so of this book. Now, I can’t tell you why I cried because that would ruin it for you and I am not about to do that! You get to have those great big tears and that ugly cry just like I did! Let’s just say my heart was full and I was content at the very end of this book.

Overdue Wished is about Norma. She is a long standing citizen of Linden Falls. She lost her husband several years ago and has come to terms with being on her own. She keeps herself in good health and keeps up her fitness by walking every morning. She is pretty involved with the community and if you will remember she was the high school Librarian for many years. She loves to read just like some of us! Many things about Norma hit home for me. Norma thinks of herself as a plain Jane sort of person. That’s me. I don’t dress up unless it is required. I don’t dye my hair anymore and I don’t wear makeup. I lost my husband and was single for many years. So, you see we have a lot in common and I like Norma!

Everytime I read a book from the Wishing Tree Series, I feel like I’m back at home for a little visit. I lived in a town during my high school years and my first marriage that was a lot like Linden Falls. It was bigger but, it had older homes in the downtown area that had been there for years. Wood siding and nothing fancy. We had the old mansions too but, they were few and far between. I knew the owners of many of the businesses and grew up with their kids. Downtown was a couple of blocks long and grew little in the 28 years I lived there. I still call it home. My own Linden Falls.

If you like good clean stories of people older than 40 or so and like to revisit them, then this series might be right up your alley. Tammy L. Grace is for me, one of those authors that I read unconditionally. I only have to hear she is coming out with a new book or series and I’m ready to read it. I don’t have to know what it is about. In fact, I would rather not know and just jump right in. Are you like that? If you haven’t started the Wishing Tree Series yet, what are you waiting for? The first book is free to download. Jump right in and enjoy the fun. Until next time…Happy Reading!

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I recieved a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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SYNOPSIS: Wishes in branches tied with string. Someone’s hopes. Another’s dreams.

Norma Braxton, a member of the Winey Widows and a retired high school librarian, is busy working on the All-Class Reunion in Linden Falls, when she comes face-to-face with a man from her past. A man who knows her secret.

She’s determined to pretend he’s mistaken when he recognizes her, fearful that he could divulge what he knows and upend her quiet life. The life she’s carefully constructed and led for the last fifty years.

He’s persistent and doesn’t leave town like she hopes, committed to learn more about the woman he remembers. Norma hasn’t tied a wish on The Wishing Tree for years, but the appearance of the man she once knew, awakens something in her heart and leads her to the beloved tree in the center of town. Her wish is long overdue, but is there any chance of it coming true?

Join Tammy Grace, USA Today Bestselling author, as she brings the latest book in The Wishing Tree series alive, featuring a heart-warming story of love, loss, and the hope of turning lost dreams into second chances.

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