Forbidden Love by Ashley Farley ~ 5⭐

Genre: Family Life Fiction ~ Release Date: October 25, 2022

REVIEW: Once again Ashely Farley has come through with another great addition to the Virginia Vineyards series. Forbidden Love is book three. This is a spin off of the Hope Springs Series and I loved that one too. Who am I kidding? I have loved every book I’ve read by Ms. Farley. Her books are so down home. These books just give me a good feeling when I read them. They are filled with love, angst and everything in between.

The characters are pretty much the same and we hear a little more from some of the characters than we did before. Laney is prominent in this one. She is the wife of the oldest son whose name is Hugh. We follow Ada on her path to independence. I really enjoy these characters…well most of them. Hugh and his father Daniel are quite something. They leave a little to be desired. Not my favorite characters. This author does a great job of developing her characters. You learn more from them by how they act than by her just telling us who they are. The characters show us who they are. I love the females in this book who are standing up and asserting themselves. They are becoming strong and building a life they are meant to live. I lile the men who are there to support them and have stepped up to the plate.

There is at least one more book in this series called Love and War. The title tells me there are going to be some sparks flying. Daniel just ioves to cause trouble. Is he going for the big one this time? I don’t know it’s just a hunch that might be the war part? Who is going to fall in love?  Is that the love part or coming together after the war? Folks, that is just my brain running ahead of itself while waiting. Just contiplating all that could happen…

If you love family sagas, you will most likely enjoy this series. Of course, I highly recommend this set of books. I’ve enjoyed them all and find myself anxiously awaiting the next book. Until next time…Happy Reading!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own!

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SYNOPSIS: A father’s lie tears his family apart in the captivating continuation of the bestselling Virginia Vineyard series.

Daniel Love has alienated his loved ones. And he’ll stop at nothing to have his daughter and long-time mistress back in his life. He resorts to drastic measures, devising a wicked scheme intended to elicit sympathy from his family. All hell breaks loose when his plan backfires.

Ada is torn between her fathers. Her recently discovered biological father wants her to help run his equestrian center, but his son, Ada’s new half brother, Stuart, isn’t too keen on the idea. Meanwhile, Daniel, the man who raised her from birth, has a special request only she can grant.

Laney is trapped in a loveless marriage. Her husband refuses to divorce her, and she lacks the resources to support her teenage daughters on her own. New friend and local winemaker, Bruce Wheeler, encourages her to start her own floral design business. But their friendship quickly develops into forbidden passion.

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