A Whole Heap of Wishes by Amanda Prowse ~ 5⭐

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction ~ Release Date: September 22, 2022

REVIEW: I just finished A Whole Heap of Wishes by Amanda Prowse. First of all, I adore Amanda Prowse and the books I’ve read of hers. Second, I love the town of Linden Falls and all of its lovely characters. I have enjoyed all of my “return visits” to this small town and you know my love for small towns. 

This book is about Vera. Her hair salon is the only one in town and you can often see her hair in a new color. Vera is one of the characters that have popped into a few other books and I believe this is the first one devoted to her. She has an interesting background and I enjoyed getting to know her better. 

If you haven’t already, join me in reading this series. The Wishing Tree is the first one and it is a free download. I don’t tend to read a lot of series but this one is a favorite of mine. I just can’t seem get enough of the characters and their beautiful little town. Until next time…Happy Reading! 

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SYNOPSIS: The latest book in the Wishing Tree series, ‘A Whole Heap of Wishes,’ is available now. Visit Linden Falls and make friends with the residents of this charming small town in Vermont and go on to discover their secrets and dreams while you learn how their lives overlap. Wishes in branches tied with string. Someone’s hopes. Another’s dreams…

Upbeat and easy going, is it any wonder that Vera at the beauty parlour in Linden Falls is so popular with her customers? Not only does her friendly conversation brighten the day of those she pampers but she is well known for being the model of discretion, never repeating the confidences shared within the sanctity of the salon walls.

However, Vera’s life is about to get shaken up when she learns that her son will soon be visiting to introduce his fiancée . This might not sound like big news but none of Vera’s friends have ever met him, let alone his father. It’s not that she’s ashamed of them, just the opposite in fact. But with the legacy of her deprived childhood haunting her thoughts, she can’t shake the stink of the poverty that defined her. Now her boy has recently been appointed a professor, and Vera, who daily battles with low self-esteem and feeling like she’s not quite good enough, has nowhere to hide. Their impending arrival reminds her of the crippling lack confidence that drove the decisions of her younger self and the feelings of inadequacy that pulled her family apart.

Vera’s problem is, how is she going to get through the next few days? What will her friends say and what will it be like to come face to face with her son’s father, the man who has held her heart since she first saw him nearly three decades ago?
Is it possible that she can finally face the past that has held her back for so long, and if so, does that mean after all this time, there is still a chance for her and the father of her son? Dive into “A Whole Heap of Wishes” to find out…

Join Amanda Prowse, the bestselling World Book Night author as she brings Vera’s story alive in the latest book in the Wishing Tree series.

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