Pathway to Lavender Valley by Tammy L. Grace ~ 5⭐

Genre: Family Life Fiction ~ Release Date: May 3, 2023

REVIEW: I am thrilled to tell you that I was able to read the second novel belonging to Sisters of the Heart Series Pathway to Lavender Valley. Book one was Greetings from Lavender Valley. I truly enjoyed both books and I think you will too. Actually, I am really looking forward to reading them all but then the series will be done and I will be left wanting more. I always want one more!

This book is about Harry whose real name is Harriet but everyone calls her just plain Harry. I really like Harry. She is a retired Detective with the Salem police department. She had plans to go see Jewel when she gets information in the mail to go to Lavender Valley to take care of Jewel’s farm. She is to call the other four girls who Jewel calls her Sisters of the Heart to come help for a year. This will be a long reunion for the girls.

There are so many adventures waiting for Harry. She was just wondering what she was going to do about all the free time she would now have with her retirement. I can’t wait for you to read all about the stuff she gets involved with. I don’t think she ever thought half of those things would happen to her. 

This book was a fun read. It will pull at your heartstrings in so many ways. You’ll cry and laugh and applaud for Harry. In her case, life starts at retirement. If these books sound like anything you might be remotely interested in, I highly recommend you grab a copy of them and start reading. They brought such joy to my heart. Until next time…Happy Reading!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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SYNOPSIS: Six Women. Four Decades. One long, unexpected reunion.One letter holds the power to change the lives of five women forever.

Harriet ‘Harry’ McKenzie is coming to terms with buttoning up her thirty-year career with the Salem Police Department when she finally sees the letter sitting in her pile of mail. She is shocked to read that Jewel Austin has put her in charge of her estate. The beloved woman was a foster mom and guide to Harry throughout her teenage years and now she’s gone. If that isn’t enough of a blow, Jewel’s will, with specific instructions, threatens to uproot Harry’s entire life.

Harry’s love and admiration for Jewel runs too deep to deny her last wish. She rushes a few hours south to take over Jewel’s work at Lavender Valley Farm and to care for her beloved dog. Along with adapting to her new chores, Harry must find the other four women who were also foster daughters of Jewel’s, and convince them to join her at the farm.

Along with all these complications, Harry gets involved in helping solve a local crime, and her actions endear her to the small community. Soon, she is faced with a lifechanging decision—but she isn’t sure she can do what is asked of her.

Will Harry be able to fulfill Jewel’s last wish and take a new path in her life?

PATHWAY TO LAVENDER VALLEY is the second book in the Sisters of the Heart Series from USA Today bestselling author, Tammy L. Grace. Fans of heartwarming, feel-good women’s fiction like those by Debbie Macomber or Sheila Roberts will devour this series.

Don’t miss a book in the Sisters of the Heart Series! You’ll want to binge all of these small-town women’s fiction stories.

Book 1: Greetings from Lavender Valley
Book 2: Pathway to Lavender Valley
Book 3: Sanctuary at Lavender Valley
Book 4: Blossoms at Lavender Valley
Book 5: Comfort at Lavender Valley
Book 6: Reunion at Lavender Valley

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