Joy of Falling ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Lindsay Harrel

REVIEW: There is so much good about Joy of Falling by Lindsay Harrel I don’t know where to start. I truly loved this book. The story plot was interesting and her writing style drew you in. I had a hard time putting the book down

She writes of two women, married to brothers who die in a diving accident, the pain of accepting the loss and moving forward with their lives. Each woman grieves in her own way and their mother-in-law was instrumental in helping them. She was very wise. I became invested in the characters and kept turning the pages to see what was going to happen.

They decide to run an ultimate marathon in New Zealand their husband’s signed up for before their deaths. Through the training and running the race they become close friends and learned there is a future after the death of a loved one.

I learned a lot about New Zealand where the ultimate marathon was run and long distance running. I’m not a sports person and was concerned I might not enjoy those scenes in the book but, the author made them interesting and I didn’t lose interest

If, you like a good story about relationships or like running and hiking, you would like this book. There is just the right blend of all the elements within story. I’ll be looking for more books by Lindsay Harrel. 

I recieved a copy of this book from the publisher for a fair and honest review.

SYNOPSIS: Eva and Angela must learn to live again. One step at a time.

It has been fifteen months since Eva and Angela lost their thrill-seeking husbands in a scuba diving accident. Both women are trying to navigate their way through the grief, but neither one is making much progress. Angela is barely making ends meet, angry at her husband for leaving her to raise three children on her own. Meanwhile, Eva is stuck, unable to move forward after losing the love of her life and her source of inspiration.

But then Eva gets a life-changing phone call. Before Brent and Wes died, they had signed up for a race of a lifetime—an ultra-marathon in beautiful New Zealand. Eva begs Angela to run the race with her in their husbands’ place, and Angela finally agrees, hoping to finally understand her husband’s choices.

Training is exhausting, and the race is even more demanding. Their journey grows more complicated by the presence of two men—Marc is Brent’s best friend who is running the race with Eva and Angela, and Simon King is a writer who is covering their inspiring story. With every step, Eva and Angela must ask themselves questions that they haven’t had the courage to ask before. As the women literally put one foot in front of the other, they wonder: Is it possible to find their way forward in hope?

The New Husband by D. J. Palmer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Synopsis: The New Husband is a riveting thriller about the lies we tell ourselves from D. J. Palmer, the author of Saving Meghan.

Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you know them.

Nina Garrity learned that the hard way after discovering that her missing husband, Glen, had been leading a double life with another woman. But Glen’s gone—presumably drowned while fishing on his boat—so she can’t confront him about the affair or any of his other misdeeds. A year and a half after the accident, Nina considers herself a widow, even though the police never found a body. Following a chance encounter with Simon Fitch, a teacher from her daughter Maggie’s middle school, Nina finds love again and has hopes of putting her shattered life back together.

Simon, a widower still grieving the suicide of his first wife, has found his dream girl in Nina. His charm and affections help break through to a heart hardened by betrayal. Nina’s teenage son, Connor, embraces Simon as the father he wishes his dad could have been, but Maggie sees a far darker side to this new man in their lives. Even Nina’s good friends wonder if Simon is supremely devoted—or dangerously possessive.

But Nina is committed, not only to her soon-to-be new husband but also to resuming her former career as a social worker. Before she can move forward, however, Nina must first clear her conscience that she’s not making another terrible choice in a man. In doing so, she will uncover the shocking truth: the greatest danger to her, and her children, are the lies people tell themselves.

Review: The New Husbsnd by D. J. Palmer is a phenomenal book! I couldn’t put it down. It had me sitting on the edge of my seat, heart pounding and dreading reading on. You are compelled to turn those pages and see where the story is taking you.

Palmer’s writing style is unique. I have never read a book that made me hold my breath. I was scared for several of the characters and actually had to pick my tablet up and finish the book before I could relax and go to sleep.

This was the first book I’ve read by D. J. Palmer and it certainly won’t be my last. His book was a thrilling adventure I don’t think you will want to miss.

I received this book from the publisher for a fair and honest review.