About Phyllis Jones Pisanelli

Welcome to Phyllis Jones Pisanelli Reviews! I am so glad you have found me and I hope you come to visit often.

A little about me. I’m a Michigan girl heart and soul. I currently live outside of Nashville, Tennessee. I’m married to a wonderful man that puts up with my nose being buried in a book. Together we have two furbabies that keep us on schedule.

I retired officially in April of 2019 and met Annie McDonnell from The Write Review. She offered me a position on her review team which I accepted without question. Annie has been invaluable in giving me a start in my post-retirement career. I owe her many thanks and through it all she has been a great friend and mentor. Thank you, Annie!

On this page you will find my reviews of all the books I am reading.

You might wonder why all my reviews are 4 and 5 stars out of 5. You may find a 3 here and there. There are a couple of reasons for that. One, I don’t like to read books I’m not enjoying. Two, If I truly don’t like a book, I won’t review it because I want to promote the authors that I read. Somebody will like the book I didn’t and they should be the one to review it. Authors put their heart and soul into a book and I’m not here to rip them apart.

Please consider following my page. You might just find yourself a few good books to read!

To follow my blog, click on the heading of any blog post. This will bring up just that blog and you will see a follow button on the bottom right hand corner. Thank you!

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