Ripple of Doubt by Jenifer Ruff ~ 5⭐

Genre: Suspense ~ Releases: April 30, 2021

REVIEW: Ripple of Doubt by Jenifer Ruff is the fourth book in The Agent Victoria Heslin Series and boy oh boy it was a good one! I read number three “When They Find Us” last year and rated that a five star book. I think Ripple of Doubt was even better. 

I liked this story because it has more of her family. More of Ned and Rivera (her vet and her partner) and I think I love Rivera a little bit. I think they both love her but, Ned loves her animals too! Who doesn’t love a man that loves your animals? We get to know her brother Alex and her Dad Mr. Heslin. I like Victoria and all the men in her life and was excited to be with them again. 

The plot of this book was more of the Suspense that I like. It was an actual “who done it”. There are several neighbors who are looked at and not one but two bodies were found during their time at the lake house. That made lots of work for the little local police department. 

If you like a good mystery with characters you already know, you will like this one! Jenifer Ruff writes her novels as standalone books. Each case is different but, Victoria’s life moves along through each of them. I have only read the last two and aim to read the first two as soon as possible. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one coming out in 2022!

I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review. Thank you! 

SYNOPSIS: A young woman mysteriously drowns in Lake Lucinda. She’s not the first to die there and she might not be the last.

FBI Agent Victoria Heslin visits her family’s secluded lake house to recuperate from a plane crash. But her peaceful recovery time turns into a murder investigation when she discovers the body of an unidentified young woman in the lake.

Only a few others live in the exclusive Lake Lucinda community and all of them are suspects, including Victoria’s brother. Which of them knows more than they are saying? How many of them are lying? Who is guilty? As Victoria’s personal investigation unfolds, she learns they all have secrets to hide.

Will Victoria uncover the dark mysteries of Lake Lucinda before more lives are lost? And will doing so destroy what’s left of her family?

Fans of James Patterson, Megan Miranda, and Agatha Christie will love this mystery by USA Today bestselling author Jenifer Ruff.

Ripple of Doubt is book 4 in the award-winning Agent Victoria Heslin Thriller Series. It can be read as a standalone.

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