Widow Falls by Kiersten Modglin ~ 5⭐

Genre: Phycological Suspense ~ Releases: September 21, 2021

REVIEW: Do you love going to fairs and riding the Rollercoaster but, you can’t because of Covid?  You really miss it. Right? Well, hop on the Kiersten Modglin train because you’re in for the ride of your life! Widow Falls is the next stop. 

Widow Falls is one more in a line of great stories from this author. Do you have an author when you see they have a new book coming out, you don’t even have to read the synopsis to know you’re going to read it one way or another? Kiersten is that author for me. The Dream Job was the hook that pulled me in and I’ve been caught up ever since. One of these days, I’ll quit reviewing and get caught up on all the back books I haven’t had time to read yet! 

Widow Falls is about a rafting company in the mountains of Tennessee. The employees have to sign a contract for two seasons. Once you sign the contract, you can’t leave.  Sloane is taking another girls place who left in the middle of the night during her first season. Did she leave or is she missing? That is the question! Believe me, there are so many questions. 

If you love good Psychological Suspense, this book is for you. They don’t come any better than Kiersten Modglin. She is the queen of twists and turns and ups and downs. Yup, sounds like a Rollercoaster to me! This book releases September 21. You can pre-order now. 

SYNOPSIS: The last girl went missing…
Someone doesn’t want her to be found.

When Sloane takes a job at the infamous whitewater rafting camp, Widow Falls, she quickly learns that the camp has a reputation for more than just summer fun.

People go missing at Widow Falls.

The guide she’s replacing was just one of many. As Sloane settles into her new home—a one-room apartment she’ll be sharing with the five other guides—she can’t help asking questions and digging into the disappearances she’s heard about. Her new roommates tell her stories of dark legends and dangerous folklore surrounding the secluded camp but assure her there’s nothing to worry about. It’s all just superstition.

When Sloane stumbles upon a clue and a secret message hidden beneath the floorboards of their loft, she begins to realize there may be more to the myths than she’s been told.

The message gets her attention: Don’t trust anyone at Widow Falls.

As she follows clues to better understand the missing guide she replaced, Sloane can’t help noticing the similarities between the two of them.

What happened to the other girl?
Why won’t the others help her search?
Are they all in danger?

Whatever’s happening at Widow Falls, it’s clear someone doesn’t want her digging into it. As the seams of her reality are torn apart, making her question everything she sees, feels, and believes, Sloane will have to uncover the truth about the camp—and its occupants—before someone else goes missing.

Because this time…it might be her.

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