The Cranberry Inn by Barbara Josselsohn ~ 4⭐

Genre: Holiday Fiction ~ Release Date: November 15, 2021

REVIEW: Looking for the warm fuzzies for Christmas? Try The Cranberry Inn by Barbara Josselsohn. This book will hook you from the start and hold your interest to the very end. It did me and I really enjoyed my visit at the inn.

This is my first book by this author. I have another book of hers sitting on my bookshelf I haven’t been able to read yet. Now I’m going to make an extra effort to get it read.

I loved the characters in this book. Even the ones that aren’t alive anymore. The main character Laurel lost her mom several years ago and still feels the empty void in her life. Joel just lost his mother recently. Her dad is mostly an absent character as he had to leave town and called Laurel to come run the inn for December. 

I felt like I could pack my bags and move to this town. It was small and inviting. My kind of place. The book wasn’t over the top Christmassy. There was still tradition and decorations. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from #Netgalley and #Bookouture. Opinions in this review are completely my own.  

SYNOPSIS: An unputdownable, feel-good Christmas romance about fresh starts, the importance of family and learning how to follow your heart. Perfect for fans of Mary Alice Monroe, Rachel Hanna and Carolyn Brown.

As twinkling lights go up and snowflakes begin to fall, Laurel Hanover and her eight-year-old son are going home to the Cranberry Inn in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. Laurel can’t wait to leave New York behind to help her father run the family business, and make snow angels with her son, even if it’s just for Christmas. But when she walks through the door, she’s shocked to find the inn in disrepair, and a letter saying her father will be gone until Christmas Eve…

No one in town knows where Laurel’s father is, and she doesn’t know whether to be worried or angry – but she won’t let the inn go under, and nothing will get in the way of the perfect Christmas for her son. Seeing the worn-out wooden bannisters, bare of festive lights, she immediately recruits her childhood friend, brooding local carpenter Joel Hutcherson. They might disagree on whether any walls actually need to come down, but each rip in the carpet makes Laurel more concerned for her father, and Joel is a welcome distraction. And when he admits that Laurel was his first crush, she realises she’s falling for him.

But then Laurel uncovers a card with beautiful, ornate writing amongst her father’s things and learns the real reason he disappeared. And it changes everything. Worse still, she thinks Joel knew the truth all along.

Laurel thought this was going to be the perfect Christmas – that maybe she had found her happy. But now there’s nothing to stop her from running back to New York the moment the baubles come down… is there?

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