The Fault Between Us by Bette Lee Crosby ~ 5⭐

Genres: Historical Fiction & Romance ~ Release Date: October 5, 2021

REVIEW: I’ve read a few novels by Bette Lee Crosby and The Fault Between Us is a wonderful book. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this book for your own library and enjoyment.

Bette Lee Crosby has a writing style that is impeccable. She writes books that draw you in without thinking about it. They just have an easy flow. Of the books I’ve read of hers, I can’t pick a favorite. It always seems to be the one I just finished. Her books have it all. The covers are beautiful, great story lines, the characters are well developed and thorough research.

A large part of this book takes place in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities. I learned about the earthquake that destroyed the city back in 1906 and the fires after the quake that also did a lot of damage. There were 3,000 people killed and thousands were left homeless. The city rebuilt but, it was bigger and better, never again the city the inhabitants remembered and called home. 

Templeton, the main character from Philadelphia, meets John a financier from San Francisco on a trolley in Philly and falls madly in love. They are married within a few weeks and move to San Francisco much to her family’s chagrin. I loved the adventure. I admired her passion for fashion design and her drive. 

If you love Historical Fiction, love stories or family drama you will likely fall in love with this book and it’s characters. I couldn’t put it down and didn’t want it to end.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. Thank you so much for the experience Bette Lee Crosby! 

SYNOPSIS: April 18, 1906 – A devastating earthquake rocks San Francisco and Templeton Morehouse fears her husband is lost forever. A powerful and compelling story from USA Today bestselling author Bette Lee Crosby

Chances were a million to one that a girl born and raised in Philadelphia would encounter a stranger from California on the trolley and fall madly in love, but that’s what happened. Templeton was not only taken with John Morehouse, but also with his tales of life in San Francisco. As an aspiring fashion designer, the dazzle of a city called the Paris of the West, with its towering department stores and European couture was too much to resist.

Despite her family’s objections, she and John are married and, on their way back to California, before the month is out. To ease the heartbreak of such a move, Templeton promises her family that they will return for a visit every summer. She fully intends to keep that promise, but as her fashions gain popularity, the business grows increasingly more demanding. The trips back to Philadelphia become less frequent and she makes foolish choices she will come to regret.

Now, when she is on the verge of having everything she’s ever wanted, a devastating earthquake has torn across San Francisco and she awakes to discover the father of her baby is missing.

With the city in flames, Templeton’s daddy leaves Philadelphia and sets out in search of his son-in-law. He’s too old for such a trip and ill-equipped for the challenges he will encounter, but he’s the only hope of saving his daughter’s happiness.
Lines of communication are down and the city in shambles, so the only thing Templeton can do is pray she doesn’t lose both her daddy and her husband.

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