Christmas Peace by Violet Howe ~ 5⭐

Holiday Fiction ~ Release Date: November 27, 2021

REVIEW: I love a good Christmas story. I have been fortunate to be an early reader for several of them this year. It was a ton of fun and I have a few more to go. The Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge rises to the top because this year we get to read a continuation of the story for each of the girls and their mother. Christmas Peace by Violet Howe melted my heart. 

Ms. Violet writes the story of Maddie who is the Matriarch of the family. After losing her husband and daughter in an accident she struggled for purpose in her life. During Christmas one year she took in four girls who needed homes at the last minute knowing foster homes are hard to come by during the holidays. The love that grows between Maddie and these girls is beautiful. 

I love these characters! Each author writes a different one and their particular story and because of that the characters are rich and full. You get a wide perspective of the family they have become and the adults the girls are now. 

The stories were so well received last year and because readers fell in love with them, the story continues this year! I’m hoping we get at least one more year. They set such a warm and beautiful feeling for my holidays and I know they will do the same for yours. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. 

SYNOPSIS: Random circumstances brought them together. Love made them family.

Christmas has been a magical time for Maddie and her four adopted daughters ever since she first welcomed the girls into her home for the holidays years ago. With each passing year, preserving their family traditions and holiday customs has remained a priority, but now that the girls are adults beginning families of their own, Maddie worries that this may be the last year they’ll all spend the holiday together.

When Robert suggests a pre-holiday trip to celebrate their first year together, Maddie’s heart is torn between making the most of time with her daughters or enjoying a romantic getaway that would provide a much-needed break from the overwhelming stress she’s been under at work.

With a promise that she’ll be back by Christmas Eve, she jets off to an idyllic resort in Costa Rica with Robert, but the vacation ends up being not at all what Maddie expected. Then, when complications threaten to delay their return and put her beloved family holiday in jeopardy, Maddie’s faith in the Christmas spirit is put to the test.

Can she still find the magic of the season and have Christmas Peace in her heart?

If you’re a fan of heartwarming, second-chance, holiday romances with later-in-life heroes and heroines, you’ll love this volume of the Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge series!

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Peace by Violet Howe ~ 5⭐

  1. I like your review, it’s something sweet about Christmas stories. Sometimes I know for myself I just want something wholesome without too much to think about. Great review I will add this to my tbr.


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