The Wishing Tree ~ Anthology ~ 5⭐

Genre: Family Life Fiction ~ Release Date: February 2, 2022

REVIEW: A new series came to town today! It is called The Wishing Tree Series. I had the awesome opportunity to read the prequel and I will be reading and reviewing the first six books in the series, so stay tuned! When I read to the end of the prequel, I noticed there are twelve books listed to be released by 8 authors. Some of the authors are favorites of mine and I can’t wait for these books to release! Let me tell you these are really great authors and I’m sure you may follow some of them on social media and read their books. I do!

I really want to pique your interest so I am going to tell you who all the wonderful authors are. They are Amanda Prowse, Kay Bratt, Tammy L. Grace, Barbara Hinske, Camille DiMaio, Ashley Farley, Jessie Newton, Tonya Kappes. Oh! You know what? The  prequel is free to download!! You can’t go wrong with that. The prequel gives you the first chapter of the first six books. I don’t know about you but, I can’t turn down free especially books by these ladies!

I enjoyed every single chapter in the prequel and it is just enough to make you want to read the books. I’m already hooked and I’m dying to read the them. They won’t all come out at the same time so there will probably be a little wait between books. I don’t know about you but, if I get a good series, I want to binge read until I’m done. I think I’m going to have to use a little self control. 

The Wishing Tree is in a small town that draws a lot of tourists every year. The tree is believed to grant wishes or at least bring them about. If you have a wish, you write it out on a piece of paper and tie it to a branch. There have been many wishes over the years that have been answered. I am so excited to jump in and read these books. The characters are flawed and wonderful at the same time. Just like we all are. 

The prequel (book 1) will be ready to download on February 2, 2022 and book 2 on March 2, 2022. It looks like they will be released a week apart from there on out until the series concludes. I hope you are as excited as I am to dig into this new series, The Wishing Tree. I just know it is going to be wonderful. Go download your copy of the FREE prequel now!

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SYNOPSIS: The Wishing Tree

Wishes in branches tied with string. Someone’s hopes. Another’s dreams.

Welcome to Linden Falls, Vermont, the picturesque small town that everyone dreams of living in. Within the charming streets of a community of people who care about one another, lies the heart of the town–the infamous Wishing Tree on the downtown square. The stately Linden tree is beautiful and made even more so by the shimmer of ribbons that flutter from the sprawling branches.

Tourists from all over the world flock to town and join the locals to hang ribbons of hope from the branches of the majestic tree. Some believe it’s magic, others think it’s old folklore, but one thing that is indisputable is that love, forgiveness, and other happily ever afters are all made possible when someone takes a chance and hangs a wish from a branch.

Enjoy this peek into the quaint town of Linden Falls and the lives of its residents and guests in this prologue novella, then join a handful of bestselling, award-winning authors as they bring the Wishing Tree series alive and leave you with a feeling of peace and happiness from book to book.

Don’t miss a Wishing Tree book!

Don’t miss any of the books in The Wishing Tree Series – download them all today:

Book 1: The Wishing Tree prequel/prologue book
Book 2: I Wish.. by Amanda Prowse
Book 3: Wish You Were Here by Kay Bratt
Book 4: Wish Again by Tammy L. Grace
Book 5: Workout Wishes & Valentine Kisses by Barbara Hinske
Book 6: A Parade of Wishes by Camille Di Maio
Book 7: Careful What You Wish by Ashley Farley
Book 8: Gone Wishing by Jessie Newton
Book 9: Wishful Thinking by Kay Bratt
Book 10: Overdue Wishes by Tammy L. Grace
Book 11: A Whole Heap of Wishes by Amanda Prowse
Book 12: Wishes of Home by Barbara Hinske
Book 13: Wishful Witness by Tonya Kappes

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