Her Hidden Genius by Marie Benedict ~5⭐

Genre: Historical Fiction ~ Release Date: January 25, 2022

REVIEW: Her Hidden Genius by Marie Benedict is another masterpiece by this author. I have enjoyed everything I’ve read by her so far. She brings to us stories of women who have contributed greatly to technology or science that did not get the recognition they deserved simply because they were women. My first book by her was The Other Einstein. She caught my attention with that book and I have been reading her books since then. I have some to catch up on and I am looking forward to time to be able to do that.

Her Hidden Genius is about Rosalind Franklin who did much of the research and study of DNA. She was the one to discover the double Helix structure of DNA. She is the one to take thousands of X-ray pictures to coax DNA to reveal itself to her. She sacrificed her life to discover the nature of DNA and her drive advanced our understanding of humankind. She was the top of her field but, it was hidden by the men she worked with. 

It amazes me that we have so many women that did so much for science in the study of physics and chemistry. The men that felt women didn’t have a place in the world of men or didn’t have the brains to compete. It is sad to think that it has taken so long for the women of the world to show what we are made of and what we can accomplish. It has been many years and many courageous women and we are just starting to break the barrier. It is about time!

If you love Historical Fiction, I highly recommend Her Hidden Genius and anything else Marie Benedict has written. She is an author that puts an abundance of research into her writings. She is amazing. If you are a fan of hers, I know you will be reading this book. If you haven’t read any book by her, you are missing out. Don’t let Marie Benedict be another hidden genius!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Browse. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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SYNOPSIS: She changed the world with her discovery. Three men took the credit.

Rosalind Franklin has always been an outsider―brilliant, but different. Whether working at the laboratory she adored in Paris or toiling at a university in London, she feels closest to the science, those unchanging laws of physics and chemistry that guide her experiments. When she is assigned to work on DNA, she believes she can unearth its secrets.

Rosalind knows if she just takes one more X-ray picture―one more after thousands―she can unlock the building blocks of life. Never again will she have to listen to her colleagues complain about her, especially Maurice Wilkins who’d rather conspire about genetics with James Watson and Francis Crick than work alongside her.

Then it finally happens―the double helix structure of DNA reveals itself to her with perfect clarity. But what unfolds next, Rosalind could have never predicted.

Marie Benedict’s powerful new novel shines a light on a woman who sacrificed her life to discover the nature of our very DNA, a woman whose world-changing contributions were hidden by the men around her but whose relentless drive advanced our understanding of humankind.

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