Tell Me the Truth by Kiersten Modglin ~ 5⭐

Genre:Phycological Suspense ~ Release Date: March 1, 2022

REVIEW: Brilliant! Tell Me The Truth by Kiersten Modglin was an absolutely brilliant book. She hasn’t been named the Queen of Twists by her fans for nothing. I love the way she hooks you into going along with her premise and then she blows you out of the water. I have to be honest and really didn’t know where this book was going but, I never expected it to end the way it did.

I actually liked Edith and her husband Joe. I wasn’t sure Joe was lying like Edith though. He seemed so sincere when he tried to explain to his wife he wasn’t lying. I was hoping they would figure out what was messing with their marriage. Edith also had a best friend named Dan. He was such a good guy! I would have loved to have someone like Dan for a friend. He was true blue and my favorite character. 

The writing was flawless. It takes true talent to rope in a reader and make them think the way you want them to. In this case, you could have easily hated one character or another. The ending in the book was the true twist. Somebody was despicable. Someone took things into their own hands. Someone was not who we thought they were. Someone was a hero. Someone was many things. Can you guess? I’m not telling. You’re going to have to read this book and find out for yourself who was who and who was what. 

This was such a delicious book. I devoured it pretty fast. I couldn’t put it down. If you like a book that keeps you guessing. Doesn’t give anything away then this book is for you. This is Psychological Suspense at it’s best.

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SYNOPSIS: It’s not the first time Edith’s husband, Joe, has lied to her. But it will be the last?

When she finds photos of a mysterious woman on her husband’s phone, the heartbreaking implications are all too familiar, and Edith sets out to discover her identity. What starts as a desperate search for answers quickly becomes a terrifying spiral of obsession and subterfuge.

With each new secret uncovered about her life, her marriage, and the man she loves, Edith is left with even more questions.

What exactly is Joe hiding?
Who is the woman in his photos?

Refusing to accept Joe’s lies any longer, Edith soon finds herself living a double life, telling lies and keeping secrets of her own. When she uncovers a final piece of the puzzle, something darker and more gut-wrenching than even she could’ve anticipated, Edith is forced to make a choice about the future of her marriage.

The truth always comes at a price.
Sometimes, that price is your life.

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