Road to New Beginnings by Ashley Farley ~ 5⭐

Genre: Women’s Fiction ~ Release Date: March 8, 2022

REVIEW: Road To New Beginnings by Ashley Farley is the last book in the Hope Spring Series. I’m kind of broken hearted because I loved this series. Well, to be honest, I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Ashley Farley. She creates the best characters and story lines! 

I am excited because she hints at a new series called Virginia Vineyards which is a spin off of the Hope Spring Series. What could be better than that? I can hardly wait to start reading the new series.

Road To New Beginnings wraps up everything that was going on at Hope Springs. We see how things have worked out for our favorite characters. Knowing where their lives are headed makes it easier to say goodbye. It definitely felt like a goodbye when I turned the last page. 

If you love small towns, resorts in the mountains, down to earth people and love stories that get a little tangled up, then this series is for you. I highly reccomend it. You won’t be sorry you got involved with these folks. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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SYNOPSIS: The staffers at Hope Springs Farm greet guests with smiles. But trouble brews beneath their calm demeanors. Stella faces her first crisis as an adoptive mom when a second-grade bully wreaks havoc on Jazz’s life. When their beloved teacher is suspended on bogus charges, Stella takes on the principal and the president of parents’ association.

Ollie experiences crippling panic attacks as she struggles to cope with her parents’ death. While she loves her new friends at Hope Springs, her job as wellness center manager is a pit stop on her journey of life. Her hopes soar when she discovers a vineyard for sale in the nearby town of Lovely. But there’s a catch. Why is the price of the property so low? Does it have to do with the current owner’s ancient feud with his neighbor.

Cecily is falling in love with Parker. But she’s worried it’s too soon after breaking off her engagement. Lyle begs for another chance, but Cecily isn’t interested. Lyle’s advances become increasingly more aggressive, placing Cecily’s life in danger.

Presley’s baby is due in a few short weeks. But she’s heard nothing from her country music star husband in months. Is it possible the rumors are true? Could Everett be having an affair with his attractive young co-star? Or is he hiding a more serious problem?

The exciting conclusion of the bestselling Hope Springs series where some journeys are ending while others are just beginning.

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