Violet by Heidi Andrews ~ 4⭐

Genre: Crime Thrillers ~ Release Date: February 22, 2022

REVIEW: I read a book recently that I think a lot of people would enjoy. The book is Violet by Heidi Andrews. If you read the synopsis, you will wonder why I am calling this a delightful book. I truly enjoyed this story and it is told by Violet and then later it is told by her daughter.

I kind of felt like I was having a discussion with a new friend that was telling me about her life and how she became a mother. She desperately wanted to be a mom and an OB/GYN. She worked hard to reach her goals. Sadly, she was told when she was young that she had endometriosis and would have a hard time conceiving a child. Violet went through a lot! I have to admit, a lot of her trials and tribulations she brought on herself.

Part of the book is told by her daughter Opal as she becomes aware that her mother may not be her real mother. We go with her to her Grandmothers home for a summer visit where she learns that her Grandmother has the same suspicions. I love Opal’s voice as she grows from a young girl into an adult woman. I was engrossed in the telling of her discovery of her mothers journal and how she researched her birth story. 

The characters are pretty well developed and likeable. The storyline is pretty much to the point and does not have a lot of fluff. For those that don’t like a lot of descriptions, this book is for you. Concise and to the point and the story takes place over a number of years but, the book is not terribly long. So, if you don’t like to sit long periods of time or it takes you forever to finish a book, you will appreciate this story tellers style.

This is the second book I’ve read by this author. The first was The Diary of Anne Monroe. That book was another interesting look at family relationships. I have come to appreciate the writing style of this author. It is a bit different than other authors I review for but, it is interesting, draws you in and keeps you engaged until the end. I highly encourage you to try a book by Heidi Andrews. You might be as enchanted as I am.

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SYNOPSIS: Violet, a young woman full of promise turns to killing after she learns that she cannot have children. She immediately leaves her home in Macon, Alabama and heads off to the west coast where she starts her new life as a mother and a chief OB/GYN at Saint Francis Hospital in California.

Years later when Opal is a teenager, she discovers old newspaper clippings hidden in her mother’s dresser drawer which makes her wonder if she is the missing baby of the late Maggie Haines. Curious, Opal starts doing some investigating of her own when she visits her grandmother in Alabama in the Summer of 1982, and she soon learns that even her grandmother suspects that Opal may not really be her granddaughter after all. Not long after returning home to California, Opal discovers her mother’s diary that she kept when Opal was a baby and in it, she learns the truth about who her mother really is and who killed her.

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