A Life Unraveled by Jill Hannah Anderson ~ 5⭐

Genre: Contemporary Literary Fiction ~ Release Date: March 22, 2022

REVIEW: I’ve been running behind a lot lately. I really wanted to finish A Life Unraveled by Jill Hannah Anderson on time. I lost track of the days and within an hour of finishing the book I received and email reminding me today was release day! I’m glad I made it. I have been dealing with some health issues and really upset that it has slowed down the reading and reviewing process.

First of all, I loved this book! Lily is the main character and she draws compassion from us and so much more. You want to drop into her life and straighten things out for her. In the beginninng of the book she suffers a near life threatening attack while she is jogging. Her attacker is the High School football star. Things change for her and her family in a drastic way. Her children suffer at school, her husband takes on a lot more responsibility and parents from both sides tag team to take care of her during her recovery. 

Luke, her husband, is a dream. He is supportive in every way. When things begin to happen, he has a hard time dealing. What’s going on is anybody’s guess. He sticks by his wife and honors his commitment. He does the right thing. 

There are some family dynamics that play into this book. I love how communication and honesty are stressed because that is the only thing that works when going through some of life’s problems. 

This was a suspenseful story, full of love and heartbreak. It is a book that will forever stay close to my heart. If, you like that kind of story, I highly recommend this book. It’s available today and it is at a great price. So… what are you waiting for? Go get your copy. You’re gonna love it! 

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SYNOPSIS: Kindergarten teacher Lily Gallo is a happily married mother of three who considers her life perfect… until the day she’s brutally assaulted while out on a run. When the town’s high school football hero is arrested for the attack, Lily’s family suffers retaliation from local sports fans.

Recovering from her injuries, Lily wraps herself in an opioid cloud. Later, a barely avoided tragedy motivates her to flush the narcoticsBut her return to sobriety is overshadowed by unnerving memory lapses and her husband’s growing mistrust.

As unremembered events become more disturbing, Lily is convinced that she’s being stalked. Though her attacker started the destruction of her life, someone else is determined to finish it.

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