Scarred Crown by Wendy Million ~ 5⭐

Genre: Contemporary Modern Fiction ~ Released: May 18, 2022

REVIEW: Scarred Crown by Wendy Million is the second book of the Bellerive Royals Series. Fake Crown was the first book and if you read that, you will definitely want to read this next addition to the series. It was so good!

The first book was about Posey and this one is about her sister Julia, nickname Jules. Jules has a lifetime friendship with the second in line for the crown of Bellerive. His name is Nicholas or Nick. I love that name for some reason. Anyway, about the time they reach 16 and all those teenage hormones start raging, other people in their lives come into the story. I loved these two characters. They had a lot of passion, compassion and just downright big hearts. 

I have to give Wendy Million a lot of kudos. She has tackled some pretty big subjects in this book and makes it not only a fun romance read but, a book that will make you think and question some of your beliefs. I’m going to let those come as a surprise to you. It is better if you don’t have prior knowledge of the subject and are faced with your heartfelt feelings. I think this book would be a good bookclub choice because some of the subjects brought to light in this book would make good discussions.

If you love a good book that is all fun and games on the surface but, makes you stop in your tracks and think about your feeling on a controversial subject, then this book is a good one for you. You do not have to read book one to understand what is going on in book two. That is the beauty of this series. These two books do very well as stand alone novels.

The third book in the series is named Heavy Crown and is slated for publication on August 17th. I am so excited and can’t wait to read the next installment! It is up for pre-order. My suggestion? If you haven’t read either of the first two books, go order them now and then pre-order Heavy Crown to be delivered to your in-box upon publication. Happy Reading!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest review. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Years ago, she owned my heart.
As my childhood friend, she knew all my secrets,
And my true feelings about everything,
Except her.

When she hurt me,
It was too much,
Picking the one person I loathed,
Over me.

Being the son of a king isn’t easy,
Being the second son is even harder,
Which is why I left,
To work harder,
For myself,
For my family,
But away from the pain.

Now, we’re connected again,
And she wants me to return home,
To my father,
And that is not on my radar,
But she is,
Every single inch of her.
This time, she won’t slip through my fingers,
Or shall I say my crown?

He bailed on our friendship,
Disconnecting from me,
And all that we built together,
Shattering my heart in the process.

Now, his father wants him back,
Needs him back,
And has ordered me to retrieve him.
Who am I to tell the king “No?”

One look at him,
And I remember why I loved him,
But I refuse to fall for royalty again,
Even if we’re this close,
Sharing one bed,
And our secrets again.
After all, when he discovers the truth,
There’s no battling the SCARRED CROWN that’s come between us.

This is a childhood best friends turned enemies to lovers second chance royal romance that brims with angst and witty banter.

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