A Limited Run by Karen McQuestion ~ 5⭐

Genres: Psychological Fiction & Thriller, Mystery & Suspense ~ Release: August 31, 2022

REVIEW: I am positively and absolutely a Karen McQuestion fangirl! I never knew until I ran into her books what a fabulous author she is. She has not just settled on on genre. This woman skips around and gives you a different genre once in a while. That puts her a step above if you ask me. Most authors master one genre and stay there. Karen has surprised me a few times by turning out a book in a different genre and let me tell you…she is a MASTER! I think she can write anything. A Limited Run is an example of that.

If you look up the genres listed for this book, you will find they are wide and varied. I’m going to make up my own genre. It is Parent, Sibling, and Human relationships with a little creepy thrown in. How does that sound? I could just make it Creepy Relationships but, that doesn’t hit it either. I really think Karen has come up with a new genre. There are several things I like about this book. Let me explain.

The timeframe of the book is modern day. I also goes back to a show that was on television probably back in the 1990’s that took place in a town called Haven in the 1940’s. The show was only on for two seasons but has gained a cult following. Most of the book took place in the town of Haven and I love going back in time and being able to enjoy life at a different time. That part of the book was right up my alley. A billionaire has taken an interest in A Little Slice of Haven also and has built a large warehouse that contains the town of Haven. The five main actors are invited back for 10 days to live in Haven. If they stay the whole time and stay in character, they will each receive $2,000,000.00. I woud do that! Wouldn’t you?

The characters are introduced as their modern day selves and then as they related to each other in the show. By the way, I have to tell you the show was about the Barlow family. This book was so interesting. I love how the town and show was all recreated. I did, however, wonder why Felix Worthington (the billionaire) wanted to recreate the town and then pay the actors to come back to recreate their roles. You have to read the book and get all the way to the end to find out why in the world he would want to spend all that money! 

This book was worth every minute I put into it. I had a few surprises along the way too! First, there is a character with the name Lauren Pisanelli! As you know that is my last name. I was tickled she used my name. Then as I read further along there was a character by the name of Phyllis Jones!! My maiden name. How awesome was that? That might be one reason I’m so in love with this book but, it truly is a fun book. I loved the town, the time period and the characters both The Barlows and the actors.

If you love to read books about another time period with a little suspense, a little romance and intrigue, you will love this book as much as I do. It comes out August 31, 2022 and if you read it, I would love to hear what you think about A Limited Run!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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SYNOPSIS: “A Limited Run is an incredibly gripping story, with a delicious edge of creepiness. I couldn’t stop reading it—easily one of my favorites this year! Another masterpiece from McQuestion!” – Freida McFadden, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author

When billionaire Felix Worthington invites the five cast members of the TV show A Little Slice of Haven to recreate their roles twenty-five years later, they’re initially skeptical. It’s an unusual request, even for a self-professed superfan like Felix.

For several of them, playing a member of the Barlow family in the small town of Haven in the 1940s was an experience best forgotten. Meri Wetzel, who played a loving wife and mother, has spent the last two decades avoiding her TV husband, Jeff. And the actors who played their children each have lingering resentments of their own.

But living in a recreated version of the town in a warehouse in Montana has its appeal, even knowing they’ll be filmed with hidden cameras as they improvise with other actors playing the townspeople. And the clincher? Two million dollars for each of them, provided they stay all ten days and remain in character the entire time. One by one, they set aside their hesitations and agree to the terms.

After all, with two million dollars they’d be set for life, and really, what could go wrong?

4 thoughts on “A Limited Run by Karen McQuestion ~ 5⭐

  1. Great review.
    I will be finishing this and writing my review by lunchtime. It’s so good.
    I did figure out part of what was going on but it does not take away from the story at all. It’s so good. I’ve read and enjoyed a few of this author’s books.
    Thanks for sharing!!


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