Miranda Writes by Gail Ward Olmsted ~ 4⭐

Genre: Legal Thriller ~ Release Date: September 8, 2022

Miranda Writes by Gail Olmstead was an enjoyable book. This was my first book by this author and it probably won’t be my last. I’ve looked at her other books and they appear to all be different and not the same genre. That sometimes makes them more interesting. I love an author that can write in more than one genre. I never know what to expect when I pick up one of their books. So, I’m looking forward to reading more from Gail Olmstead.

This book is a legal thriller. I’m thinking if you like John Grishan, you will probably like this book. The story starts out  building toward the court room drama toward the end. I loved how she wrote about the proceedings. The story felt real. It felt like this may have actually happened to someone! If not, the story and happenings were spot on. I didn’t find anything in the book that made me think that it was too far out and would never have happened. You know how some authors can twist a plot to make it come to the correct conclusion and you think to yourself that it was far fetched. This was not the case with Miranda Writes.

I loved that Miranda had a podcast and a blog! She worked her way up in listeners and followers where she was actually making a living off of her endeavors. Nice gig. The other characters in the book were somewhat decent people.You’ll see what I mean when you read the book. Her dad was tried and true. He was a retired cop and watched out for his daughter. His girlfriend was not totally accepted by Miranda but, they grew to love each other. She has a best friend that runs a daycare and is not always accessable. All in all her character development was pretty interesting. They were well rounded and thought out.

I am not sure this was a true thriller but, it was a nice break from heavier reading. The story was interesting and held my attention. I didn’t have a hard time picking it back up after having to put it down. It was calling to me to find out how everything worked in the end.

If you like legal books and a great story no matter the genre, then this is a book for you. You will find it an enjoyable way to spend a day.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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