The Color of Ice by Barbara Linn Probst ~5⭐

Genre: Literary Fiction ~ Release Date: October 18, 2022

REVIEW: The Color of Ice by Barbara Linn Probst was my first book by this author and hopefully, it won’t be my last. Let me give you a word of advise before you dive into this book. Please take your time. In my opinion this is not a book you want to fly through just to get it done or because it is so good. Take your time or go back and read it again. This book is packed full of wisdom. Words we all need to hear at one time or another.

This is such a truly beautiful story. It has a lot to do with relationships on so many levels. Cathryn is the main character. She is a widow who on a whim travels to Iceland to do a photo shoot of a a glassblower named Mack. She is a freelance photographer and winds up spending a bit of time with him learning about glassblowing. 

Cathryn has children from her late husband who are grown and for the most part on their own. They are back in the United States going through their own tribulations and in the process finally growing closer to one another. So far we have possible romantic relationships and sibling relationships. Cathryn meets a woman at a botanical park that is also a different kind of a relationship in this book. There are also the long term business relationships she has developed over the years. I love the explorations of relationships and how they change.

She also brought me along to a beautiful country I have never visited before either in my life or in a book. She describes the beauty in Iceland and makes you feel like you are on the trip with her. Her journey along the roads and the places she ends up are little gems in the book that I enjoyed. Even the trip through a very long one lane, two way tunnel. Oh my! Hang on to your seats.

If you haven’t read anything by Barbara Linn Probst, I highly recommend this book and I will at some point go back and read her other books. She is a gem. She will make you feel what her characters are feeling and let you go where they go. That is a gift that is not possessed by all authors. Until next time…Happy Reading!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author, #Netgalley and #SheWritesPress. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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SYNOPSIS: Set among the glaciers and thermal lagoons of Iceland, and framed by the magical art of glassblowing, The Color of Ice is the breathtaking story of a woman’s awakening to passion, beauty, and the redemptive power of unconditional love.

The stunning new novel by the author of award-winning novels Queen of the Owls and The Sound Between the Notes . . .

Cathryn McAllister, a freelance photographer, travels to Iceland for a photo shoot with an enigmatic artist who wants to capture the country’s iconic blue icebergs in glass. Her plan is to head out, when the job is done, on a carefully curated “best of Iceland” solo vacation. Widowed young, Cathryn has raised two children while achieving professional success. If the price of that efficiency has been the dimming of her fire—well, she hasn’t let herself think about it. Until now. 

 Bit by bit, Cathryn abandons her itinerary to remain with Mack, the glassblower, who awakens a hunger for all the things she’s told herself she doesn’t need anymore. Passion. Vulnerability. Risk. Cathryn finds herself torn between the life—and self—she’s come to know and the new world Mack offers. Commitments await her back in America. But if she walks away, she’ll lose this chance to feel deeply again. Just when her path seems clear, she’s faced with a shocking discovery—and a devastating choice that shows her what love really is.

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