Knock Three Times by Emerald O’Brien ~5⭐

Genre: Psychological Thriller ~ Release Date: February 23, 2023

REVIEW: Ohhh My Gaawwwd! What did I just read? Knock Three Times by Emerald O’Brien will knock your socks off!  Literally. This has to be the best Psychological Thriller book I have read in a while. I may be getting a little nonchalant about these books or maybe it is because I haven’t read too many of them lately. Whatever the case may be, this book had me glued to my seat and flipping the pages as fast as I could to see what was going to happen next. This book was genius!

Knock Three Times is about Remy who is trying to recover from the murder of her next door neighbor. She moves out of her apartment and goes to house sit for her best friends parents. Things begin to happen and boy do they ever! Like I said, I was so glued to this book. I could hardly put it down to go to bed. 

Remy is a character you will sympathize with. She just does not deserve what all is happening around her and to her. She has a best friend named Nicole and they watch Horror movies together. So you know, that if I were them, I’d be scared of my shadow. No doubt there is lots to be scared of in this book. Closing my eyes tonight and going to sleep might be just as scarry.

I can’t tell you how good this book is. There just aren’t words. If you like Psychological Suspense, Thriller or anything along that line, I am telling you that this book should be on your “Must Read” list. Let me know what you think when you read it. I have to know. Until next time…Happy Reading!

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I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. Thank you! Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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SYNOPSIS: From the bestselling author of We Don’t Leave, comes a fast-paced, chilling psychological thriller in the vein of Jennifer Hillier, Riley Sager, and Kiersten Modglin.

Remey Owens is desperate to move on with her life after the brutal murder of her next-door neighbour, Marlena. When the opportunity to housesit for her best friend’s parents arises, it feels almost too good to be true. While staying in the beautiful Craftsman-style home, she hopes she won’t hear the banging through the walls or Marlena crying, even if it is now only in her mind.

But things don’t go as planned.

While she finds some solace knowing that Marlena’s killer is dead, the calls from Remey’s obsessive ex and the strange noises in the house make it hard to relax. And there’s a prickling down her spine when she returns late one evening after a date—something’s amiss.

Soon, it becomes apparent that she’s not as alone as she believed. The quiet isolation of the home that had once seemed peaceful, now feels far more threatening. Here, there are no neighbours close enough to save her.

To survive the night, Remey must let go of everything she thought she knew about Marlena’s death. Because the terrifying truth is more disturbing than she could have imagined, and it’s coming for her too.

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