The Thing About Home by Rhonda McKnight ~ 5⭐

Genre: Black & African American Fiction ~ Release Date: May 9, 2023

REVIEW: The Thing About Home by Rhonda McKnight was my first book by this author and it was so good that I will be on the lookout for more. This is not her first book because I see from a little search that she has several series out and stand alone books. You could spend some time catching up with Ms. McKnight.

This book was so good. I flew through the pages and finished it in record time. I loved the premise of the book. The main character is Casey Black and she is an influencer. She has been married for seven years and has a beautiful vow renewal planned. Her husband stands her up at the altar and tells her he wants a divorce. She crashes and burns later that night online live and loses millions of followers. Trying to put her life back together again she heads for the low country to find her fathers’ family that she has never met. Her father died before she was born.

I enjoyed the characters in this book. I especially loved her 99 year old grandmother who she met for the very first time. The manager of the farm was Nigel and he was a fine specimen of a man. There were so many family members, she couldn’t remember all of their names. It didn’t matter because family is family. She was raised by a single mother as an only child. So, Casey Black was excited to have family and roots. She learned how to work hard on the farm and she learned how to cook yummy southern food. I was wishing for some recipes at the end of the book. No such luck.

The book also has another timeline that took place during her great great grandparents time and tells us how they made it after being freed by their masters and how they accrued the land for the 300 acre farm that is becoming close to Casey’s heart. Casey learns that Home is not a place but a feeling. I love that!

If you love family sagas, historical fiction or just a good story with lessons to learn, this might be a good book for your next read. Until next time…Happy Reading!

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SYNOPSIS: Home is not a place—it’s a feeling.

Casey Black needs an escape. When her picture-perfect vow renewal ceremony ends in her being left at the altar, the former model turned social media influencer has new fame—the kind she never wanted. An embarrassing viral video has cost her millions of followers, and her seven-year marriage is over. With her personal and business lives in shambles, Casey runs from New York City to South Carolina’s Lowcountry hoping to find long-lost family. Family who can give her more answers about her past than her controlling mom-slash-manager has ever been willing to share.

What Casey doesn’t expect is a postcard-worthy property on a three-hundred-acre farm, history, culture, and a love of sweet tea. She spends her days caring for the land and her nights cooking much needed Southern comfort foods. She also meets Nigel, the handsome farm manager whose friendship has become everything she’s never had. And then there are the secrets her mother can no longer hide.

Through the pages of her great-grandmother’s journals, Casey discovers her roots run deeper than the Lowcountry soil. She learns that she has people. A home. A legacy to uphold. And a great new love story—if only she is brave enough to leave her old life behind.

 “. . . a beautifully written story about family, self-discovery, secrets, and forgiveness.” —Kimberla Lawson Roby, New York Times bestselling author

Inspiring contemporary fictionStand-alone novelBook length: approximately 100,000 wordsIncludes discussion questions for book clubs

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